Healing Crystals: A Popular Ritual for Anyone

The world is filled with natural treasures. For those who have had poor experiences with or are wary of the downsides of pharmaceutical drugs, plant-based medicines, such as cannabidiol, provide a more appealing alternative to healing and much-needed relief. 

Another alternative natural remedy that has seen an upsurge in popularity in recent years is crystal healing. This technique uses crystals to usher positive, healing energy into the body and release negative, disease-causing energy.

So what exactly are healing crystals, and how do they work? In this piece, we will break down everything you need to know so that you can explore these crystals and incorporate them into your own daily rituals


  • Healing Crystal History: A Human Tradition
  • How Healing Crystals Work
  • How to Select the Perfect Healing Crystal
  • The Bottom Line

Healing Crystal History: A Human Tradition

Although you may have only heard of them due to the recent uptick in popularity, healing crystals have actually played quite a prominent role in the history of humankind. Dating all the way back to ancient Sumerian civilization, we have had a long-standing, positive relationship with crystals. Here is a look at how the use of crystals has varied and evolved since the Sumerians: 

  • ca. 5000–1750 BC: The ancient Sumerians were said to have used crystals in magical healing formulas
  • ca. 3500–3100 BC: The ancient Assyrians crafted rose quartz and may have been the first, along with the Ancient Romans, to use this particular crystal
  • ca. 2025–1400 BC: The ancient Egyptians believed in rose quartz’s ability to prevent aging, ward off negative energy, and protect themselves from contracting illnesses
  • ca. 753 BC–476 CE: The ancient Romans used rose quartz as a seal to proudly signify ownership
  • ca. 500–1400/1500 CE: During the Middle Ages, quartz was utilized in healing potions and was revered for its emotionally calming powers in the Americas

Today, people from all walks of life are attracted to the potential powers of healing crystals. From parents that use Baltic amber necklaces for their babies in hopes of reducing teething pain, to global celebrities and icons, to professionals in well-established industries like finance, real estate, and technology, people are captivated by this trending lifestyle concept.

How Healing Crystals Work

So what is the magic behind the power of healing crystals? In order to reap their rewards, a critical factor is belief. Although there is no scientific evidence that crystal healing can cure diseases, psychologists support the idea that if one believes in the power of healing crystals, it can go a long way in generating positive benefits. Ultimately, crystal healing is an individual experience: you will likely get the most out of the crystals if you embrace their usage in a personal way.

Gemstone Treatments

One way to experience crystal healing is through gemstone treatments. During a gemstone treatment session, a healer may place multiple stones or crystals on your body in a way that aligns with chakra points: on the regions above the head, the forehead, the throat, the chest, the stomach, the gut, and the genital area. 

The stones that are selected and their placement along the body will generally be based on the patient's reported symptoms. The process will largely be driven by the healer's knowledge of and belief in the chakra philosophy of energy imbalances and disease.

Day-to-Day Use

But you don't have to schedule sessions to experience the potential benefits that healing crystals have to offer. In fact, you can use them yourself on a daily basis.

For example, when Sadie Kadlec, a member of a high-end fashion firm in New York City, approached her boss to ask for a raise, she held on tightly to two small pebbles in her right hand. One was an orange crystal called carnelian, used to promote courage, and the other was a pale bluish-green gemstone called kyanite, which corresponds to the throat chakra. Though her request was rejected at first, she channeled confidence that she attributed to the crystals to bargain and ultimately received the raise that she had wanted.

After this life-changing experience, she began meditating on crystals on a daily basis, carrying them with her, and teaching classes to promote their usage for both emotional and physical health.

How to Select the Perfect Healing Crystal

One of the beauties of healing crystals, aside from their pristine physical appearance, is that there are a wide variety of options. Each crystal is associated with a different set of healing powers, so when selecting which types would be best for you, you should be mindful of both what areas of your life you are looking to improve and the potential benefits that each crystal has to offer. 

These are some of the most popular types of crystals:

  • Clear quartz: This physically clear crystal is said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Additionally, it is connected to the healing of concentration and memory, and is said to help stimulate the immune system and balance one’s entire body.
  • Rose quartz: This healing crystal is said to help restore trust and harmony in all different types of relationships, as well as provide comfort and calm during times of grief.
  • Jasper: This healing crystal is said to empower the spirit and support an individual through times of stress. It is also associated with protection from negative vibes while promoting courage, quick thinking, and confidence.
  • Obsidian: This healing crystal is said to help shield against both physical and emotional negativity. It is claimed to help rid oneself of emotional blockage and promote qualities of strength, clarify, and compassion. 

How to Treat Your Crystal

If you're using healing crystals for the first time, here are a couple suggestions to keep in mind that may help you get the most out of your crystal:

  • Wash your crystal and add a bit of sea salt, or burn sage, to help rid the crystal of unwanted energies
  • Leave your crystal out to dry in morning sunlight or under the light of a full moon in order to let light filter through
  • Treat your crystal as an extension of yourself

The Bottom Line

Connecting with healing crystals can be a wonderful personal experience. If you believe in their potential benefits, they can be seamlessly weaved into your daily rituals. In the next post, we'll discuss how healing crystals can be a part of your overall wellness strategy and lifestyle. 

At Empress Teas, we believe in the healing power of nature. We are dedicated to bringing you the cleanest, most effective plant-based solutions to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into alignment. Treat yourself to the daily rituals you deserve: sit, sip, and self-reflect. 

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