Ritual Blend Teas: Ways to Create an Indulgent Evening

Many of us appreciate the significance of a morning ritual, but we rarely address the delightful reasons to establish an evening ritual. With so many digital platforms and the rise of the attention economy, we often find ourselves unaware of how we push our own personal needs aside and fall into unhealthy levels of consumption, endlessly scrolling on social media or watching TV. Studies have demonstrated time and time again that sleep hygiene is necessary to help us rest and recalibrate for a productive tomorrow. 

With our evening rituals, how do we ensure that we’re setting ourselves up for success?

Just for a moment, allow yourself to unwind. By paying attention to our present environments, taking pleasure in simple activities, and choosing to focus on one thing at a time, we do ourselves a beautiful kindness. As the sun sets on a day and the night comes as it always does, so too should our thoughts and actions develop. Deep down, we know that we simply cannot control everything. There are only so many hours in the day. In societies and cultures that are seemingly “always on,” relying on evening rituals, reflecting, savoring the onset of the evening, and acknowledging the natural cadence of our lives can help improve the very quality of our experiences.

Beginning Your Evening: Sit, Sip, and Reflect

Take it easy. One step at a time.

Even a simple evening can be indulgent and meaningful, especially after a long day. When forming your evening ritual, think of different ways you like to relax and reflect about the things you love most. When does your time move slow and sweet like honey? 

Why not take an extra-long bubble bath (and experiment with lavender oil!), eat some heavenly dark chocolate, or allow your favorite music to fill the air while having a dance party in our underwear? 

Don’t think twice. Close your computer, open up a fresh page in your journal, and fill your tea kettle. When the sun sets, and the day winds down, it is an opportunity to celebrate all the goodness of your experience and take time to celebrate you!

When the evening comes, there are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • What did I love about my day and why?
  • Did I face any problems or struggles?
  • What have I done today to get closer to my goals?
  • Is there something I can celebrate?

In simply sitting and reflecting, we allow our experiences to reinforce within our own subconscious, and we can feel balanced and complete to move forward, finding a beautiful space of closure each and every day. 

Indulge in a grounding cup of tea

It should come as no surprise that pouring a steaming cup of sweet tea is a lovely way to begin an evening. Considering all the complexity we face in our lives, drinking a simple cup of tea is a wonderful act of humility that helps us to ease anxiety and stress. As you deal with powerful feelings or face personal shortcomings from a long day, having a grounding cup of a tea can foster a sentiment of peace and relaxation, placing you in the right headspace to practice self-compassion.

As you sip your tea at your own pace, think of your evening ritual as an act of self-love. Listen to yourself and play with fresh ideas to see what works best for you on a given evening. Be kind, not forceful, with yourself. It can be so difficult to turn off our working brains and decompress to allow for deep, restorative rest and mindfulness. As cozy darkness falls, allow yourself to dim your own lights, put on your favorite sweatshirt and start brewing a pot of our Evening Ritual Blend.

Crafted using the highest quality hemp-derived CBD, our innovative process ensures each blend is carefully infused to allow for the most consistent, bioavailable and reliable experience with each and every sip. When we imagine our Evening Ritual Blend, we imagine simplicity and kindness, and we hope that every moment sitting and reflecting is a dream.

Delicately combined with water soluble CBD, our Evening Ritual Blend teas elegantly combines the rich benefits of natural CBD and traditional tea that you love.

Practice Breathing & Meditation

While sipping, ease into a state of mindfulness and meditate on things that have transpired in your day. Another helpful practice for grounding yourself if you feel overwhelmed is soothing yourself by practicing your breathwork and meditation, either by yourself or with an experienced guide. Focusing on breathing naturally at your own pace can have a gentle and calming effect on both your body and mind.

Always remember that due to its naturally relaxing attributes, Evening Ritual Blend tea makes for a perfect companion to meditation. Whether you sip it before, after, or even during meditation time, it can help provide clarity, relaxation, and facilitate your breathwork practice. 

How to Have a Meaningful Evening

As your evening progresses, what new types of thoughts enter your mind? Pause and take care to acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Is there something that you would like to do?

Simply do something you enjoy

Just as you might cheer a friend up by sending an album they would enjoy, sharing a funny video, or simply calling them on the phone to catch up, you can do the same for yourself each and every evening. Listen to that oldie-but-goodie album that makes you beautifully nostalgic, turn on that silly YouTube video you’ve seen a bazillion times that always makes you hysterical, or chat with someone to feel that connectivity and develop meaningful relationships. 

Explore Moon Rituals and expand your horizons

How often do you look up at the wide open night sky? When we admire the moon, the stars, and streaking clouds that may pass by, we often feel humbled. We can acknowledge our own progression in life and come to a newfound understanding. For your evening ritual, consider trying something new, whether it’s a new ritual guide, or an activity you have invented and adapted to be all your own. 

Here are some simple ideas to help you get started.

  • Full & New Moon Rituals
  • Listen to music, chant your mantra or affirmations
  • Create a vision board with manifestations
  • Move your body through yoga or dance
  • Immerse yourself in water in a bath, ocean or pool
  • Practice breathwork and breathing exercises
  • Pull tarot or oracle cards
  • Meditate and hold your favorite crystal
  • Connect with a mentor, friend or coach
  • List 3 things to manifest and 3 things to release
  • Spend time in nature through walks or gardening
  • Journal freely and write a stream of consciousness

Nighttime Beauty: Treating Yourself with Kindness

At Empress Teas, we often acknowledge the importance of practicing self-compassion at the beginning of each morning, and we also recommend ending each day with a mindful focus on self-compassion to help you feel balanced. By bridging evening and morning with thoughts of self-compassion, we allow ourselves to feel blissful in the kindness of having believed in ourselves, aiding sleep and helping our most positive dreams to manifest.

Be soft in your existence and feel at peace. Remember that self-compassion is an ongoing commitment. It isn't a practice that's just reserved for when you're going through a rough patch or in the midst of failure: you should make it a point to practice self-compassion on a consistent basis to begin and end your daily rituals. By doing so, you will grow naturally to handle complexity in life and allow yourself to resonate with spontaneous happenings that are out of your control. 

The Bottom Line

From meditative mornings to indulgent evenings, we are devoted to helping others through mindfulness, education and the healing power of plants. Infused with water-soluble CBD, each one of our beloved botanical blends is crafted with fair-trade flowers from sustainable growers around the world.

Are you interested in experiencing the wonderful healing powers that our Evening Ritual Blend has to offer? Ease your mind and soothe your soul with a simple blend of Egyptian chamomile and water-soluble hemp isolate. Give yourself or a loved one a thoughtful gift to cherish after a long day. 

At Empress Teas, we believe that you deserve the cleanest, most effective plant-based solutions to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into alignment. Treat yourself to the daily rituals you deserve: sit, sip, and self-reflect.

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