Founded in Los Angeles, California, Empress Teas harmoniously blends the healing power of plants, botanicals and flowers to create the perfect cup of tea. Infused with water-soluble CBD, each blend incorporates organic, sustainable and fair trade ingredients sourced from around the world. Our family of growers, wellness practitioners, breathwork coaches, sound healers, yoga teachers, and spiritual guides, work together to provide resources that help bring your body, mind and spirit back into alignment. 



Founder and CEO, Bethany Stiles

Growing up, Bethany Stiles always knew she would build her own brand. Born in South Carolina and raised in Florida, Bethany spent her summers playing on her grandparent’s farm climbing trees and having tea parties in their backyard forest. Often found making potions out of plants and leaves and playing scientist in the backyard, Bethany has been driven to help and empower others from a very young age. As an independent, free-spirited and strong-willed kid, she was always destined for a life as an entrepreneur.

While studying in college, Bethany was involved in a life-changing car accident that left her with many impediments- both mental and physical. Her broken back left her completely dependent on her family for everything from washing her hair to brushing her teeth. She was prescribed painkillers to help manage the pain as many people are, but Bethany quickly started observing the negative side effects and toll it was taking on her body. Struggling with everything from night terrors to loss of appetite, hair loss and grogginess, Bethany decided it was time to find a new solution to start feeling better.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and once she got settled, Bethany quickly started learning about the health benefits of CBD and cannabis. After seeing a significant improvement in her pain management, anxiety and depression, Bethany decided it was time to stop the painkillers and start incorporating cannabis and CBD into her everyday routine. Although she didn’t love the products as she found them to be messy, odorous and sticky- Bethany knew the benefits outweighed the minor inconveniences.

“Having struggled with my own mental health for years, I feel called to provide access to resources and innovative plant medicines to men and women across the world,” says Bethany Stiles.

Starting as a sales rep for notable cannabis companies such as dosist and Foria, she quickly learned the skills necessary to build a successful business from the ground up. Working with mentors in the wellness space helped Bethany understand the ins and outs of the industry. Although she faced many hurdles working as a female in a mostly male-dominated industry, Bethany began to improve her mental health, found her voice and learned to overcome many stigmas associated with cannabis, wellness and mental health awareness. As she continued to build her career, she started to see a significant gap in the cannabidiol industries. Driven to share her knowledge of cannabis and inspired by her love of tea, Bethany put her heart and soul into creating a brand that would be true to her.

Today, Bethany resides in Los Angeles and is the founder and CEO of Stiles Consulting Group and her brand new wellness tea company, Empress Teas. She remains a leader in the CBD and wellness spaces as she’s been a speaker for TEDx, featured in multiple educational programs for the Green Flower Academy and continues to inspire others to sit, sip and self-reflect.






At Empress, we believe in the healing power of plants. Our mission is to provide people with clean and effective plant-based solutions to bring your body, mind and spirit back into alignment. Inspired by nature and backed by science, we’re inspired to help others feel empowered and operate as a trusted source for holistic healing. 

Our Mission


- Steep a cup of our ritual blend tea
- Move your body with stretching or yoga
- Practice breathwork + breathing exercises
- Focus on an affirmation or mantra 
- Mindfully make a superfood smoothie
- Meditate and set a timer for 10-30 min.
- Grab a journal and write freely

Sit, sip and self-reflect