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Evening Ritual Blend

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Ease your mind and soothe your soul with a simple blend of Egyptian chamomile and water-soluble hemp isolate.

Ingredients: Organic fair-trade Egyptian chamomile, water-soluble hemp isolate


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Customer Reviews

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I bought both the AM and PM blends. I like the flavor more of the PM evening ritual tea 🍵 over the AM blend I wish they had more flavors or blends to select from. I really would like to recommend Honey Lavender blend for the AM if they could make that it would be amazing. The evening ritual is calming and a good way to wind 🌬 down. The price point is a bit higher for the amount of tea bags 💼 you get only 10 in the tin. Overall the quality is good- branded and packaged well. I prefer the PM evening ritual blend and would probably purchase again if they had a sale or special price point.

I have terrible anxiety, and...

Honestly, I have found this to help a lot. On nights were I have really bad anxiety, this is the thing I brew and I find that I am finally calmed and I am able to sleep. Thank you Empress Teas! Will definitely be shopping again! 😃

Amazing Flav!!!

And its Sooo relaxing. I love this stuff. I'm going to get a bunch for Christmas presents - it was delivered in two days!

simply delicious

this tea has such a calming scent and makes you feel at ease when sipping it! i felt myself just fall into such a peaceful state of mind!

The Best Evening Tea I've Ever Had: A True Love Story

It was a blustery winter day in Los Angeles. The dry-cold was overstated only by the impending doom of new stay-at-home orders supposedly meant to protect the citizens of this fair city from an invisible pathogenic threat. (TBD)
It's 4pm and I look up from the sink as wash my last lunch dishes to see the sun has all but disappeared over the horizon, like the collective dreams of 2020, as daylight savings time has now abandoned the city along with the creative electricity that used to catalyze daily magic in the lives of its citizens.
My heavy heart beat, the pounding of the clock, and the thundering sound of my hair as it hits the ground from anxiety-induced alopecia are battling for every acoustic neuron in my head.
I bring the kettle to boil, light a fire, and open the tin of Empress Teas 'Evening Ritual Blend' — I'm almost startled as I'm enveloped by the sweet aroma, probably since I haven't been touched by anything/anyone in months. The comforting smell and sensation are only compounded as I set my mug to steep.
I returned to the fire, originally meant to light a sad scene of existential toil and screaming into pillows, and felt myself take what felt like my first breath all day.
As I began to sip my tea I felt my body relax and my head go quiet.
The troubles and problems of the day turned to flame, warming my soul and lighting-up the dark corners of my mind before disappearing up and out of my chimney.
Ritual is Sacred.
Thank you Empress Teas.