Ritual Blend Teas: Finding Bliss in Simple Mornings

With ever-piling responsibilities and endless information stemming from screens, screens and more screens, life can feel overwhelming, distracted and cluttered. So often, during a hectic day, we are blocked from being mindful and face challenges to feeling present in each moment. An entire day may feel like we are hopping from one task to the next with no actual intention. 

Being more present is a constant progression. Beginning by making subtle or even drastic lifestyle changes can improve our wellbeing and can help on the path to recovery. Being intentional about developing simple daily rituals that improve our mental wellbeing is wonderful. Blending rituals into an examined lifestyle that is all your own will help to create a dependable structure to your day and allow for a deeper sense of purpose to emerge.

We can simplify any daily ritual into morning and evening rituals, acknowledging the real dichotomy that is often present in our experiences and choices. For anyone, a simple ritual can involve waking up at the same time each morning, going to bed at the same time each day, finding a time to sit and sip ritual blend tea, or winding down with frequency healing or sound therapy. 


  • Begin Your Morning Ritual with Self-compassion
  • Establish Yourself Through Morning Wellness Rituals
  • Simple Delights: Sipping a Cup of Morning Ritual Blend Tea
  • Positive Benefits of Morning Ritual Blend Tea
  • The Bottom Line

Begin Your Morning Ritual with Self-compassion

What is the first thing we do when we wake up? 

We become aware that we are awake, become aware of ourselves, and become aware of our breathing. Questions may begin to manifest, begging for answers… 

For this reason, practicing self-compassion first thing in the morning and acknowledging a new day and experience can be a positive part of any morning ritual. Feel grounded and allow for your mind and body to rise at their own paces.  

Self-compassion is the ability to treat ourselves with empathy, kindness, and understanding as we would anyone else. Because self-compassion guides us to relate to ourselves in entirely novel ways and confront our shortcomings, it can be challenging to practice, particularly for beginners. Building consistency and focusing on self-compassion every morning will help create a beautiful habit that lifts your spirit to rise to each day. 

So often, a day presents the potential to become overwhelmed with powerful emotions, so practicing self-compassion or simply having a cup of a tea can facilitate a feeling of peace and relaxation, preparing our mind and bodies for anything that comes our way.

Failure, making mistakes, and managing difficult situations are completely normal aspects of daily life, and we deserve to treat ourselves with the same level of respect and compassion that we would others in the face of these obstacles. In fact, self-compassion is essential to developing and regulating emotional wellbeing; without it, we are more likely to suffer from anxiety and insecurity.

Establish Yourself Through Morning Wellness Rituals

When it comes to cultivating healthy morning rituals, there is no need to overcomplicate. Start simple and stay simple! Acknowledge that each moment is a progression from one thought to the next, from one experience to another. 

Trusting Your Intuition

Begin your mornings by taking the time to connect with your intuition (otherwise known as trusting your gut). Listen and wait. Be patient. Be aware of how foods feel right in your body, and take care in how to replenish your energy. In the morning, how much information should you consume to become prepared, and when is it time to turn off the news? 

Everything in our lives is connected to the clarity of our intuition. So, quiet your mind and listen to your inner wisdom - you always know more than you think.

Taking a Mindful Moment to Breathe

Regardless of whether you feel overwhelmed or relaxed, grant yourself a moment to close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Follow some simple steps to savor a mindful moment of breathing and become in tune with yourself and your goals, aspirations, and intentions:

  • See if you can unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, or release lingering tension.
  • Open your curtains and go outside if you can. 
  • Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and count five things you can see, four you can smell, three you can see, two you can taste and one you can feel
  • Take a few moments to reflect on three things you are grateful for adjusting your frame of mind

Think of these types of morning exercises as simple acts of self-love. 

Every day is a gift, a new opportunity to pause and enjoy a moment to clear your mind. There is no need to enforce a strict schedule on yourself for when this occurs. The simple importance lies in the moment happening at all. The biggest step to incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your life is to practice habitually in a morning routine that compliments your unique personality and lifestyle. By being honest with yourself on what is realistic and what is not. After all, you are the guru that can best determine when, where and how to change your life and practice healthy mindfulness rituals within our routine.

Re-discovering Your Mantra

As you transition from breathing and ruminating, acknowledging your personal mantra can help you calm your nervous system, focus your mind and soothe any racing thoughts. Especially when we are lured to habits like constant scrolling and a never ending news cycle, we can begin by saying a mantra out loud or in our heads whenever we begin to feel instability and weight. 

A mantra can be as simple as, "My mind is calm and I am in control.” Re-discovering your mantra every morning can help significantly in redirecting any unnecessary or distracting thoughts. 

Other examples of mantras include: 

  • "With each breath, I let go of my stress" 
  • "I handle overwhelming situations with wisdom" 
  • or "I can make it through this"

Simple Delights: Sipping a Cup of Ritual Blend Tea

As you traverse throughout your morning, revel in feelings of being invigorated. Be curious and open to new experiences. While you make progress towards your goals and continuously learn, consider stopping and resting with simple activities such as brewing a soothing cup of tea.

Whether you work from home or go to an office, tea is a lovely companion for any morning ritual. On top of picking what time works best for you, pick an ideal location for your tea, and perhaps consider a place that is different from where you work. 

Remember office coffee breaks? Apply similar strategies: avoid too much consumption on your devices or staring at screens. Why not simply sit, sip, and reflect? Sometimes being without a phone, without your email, and without any other people at all, for that matter, can be a revitalizing change of pace mid-way through a morning.

Though it is important to recall… kids like teatime, too! 

Brewing a kettle of Morning Ritual Blend tea is a wonderful time to connect with children, your spouse, or your flat-mate. As water heats, acknowledge the life-giving energy within each cup and allow for a present perspective of mindfulness to emerge. Whatever you have to do can wait for a second, a minute, or longer. 

Morning rituals are often improved by sharing tea or simply by conversing while a kettle is being made. In an article from the New York Times, many tea enthusiasts acknowledge the richness of their daily ritual, saying how it is a convenient segue from pandemic at-home schooling to pandemic at-home home life. 

For example, “three times a week, Calder Norris, an 8-year-old in Manhattan, has teatime with his nanny (mostly he drinks nut milk from a teacup). “People think teatime is for drinking tea — it’s not just that,” he said. “Our relationship grows stronger.”

Positive Benefits of Morning Ritual Blend Tea

As you enjoy your morning ritual, recall the grounding and versatile benefits of ritual blend tea. Having tea is an opportunity to sit, sip, and reflect. And even after having tea, you may experience other benefits that uplift your mood and increase your energy.

Meaningful Social Engagement

For centuries, tea has been a pillar for a multitude of social gatherings. Its relaxing and stress-reducing properties make it the perfect drink to share with friends and family to find common ground and take part in eachothers’ lives. Because building a community can be a great way to cope with anxiety, consuming tea in a group setting can serve as a wonderful remedy from those who suffer from anxiety and stress, as well.

Light and Uplifting Energy

Many teas include a range of trace caffeine, which makes it an appealing beverage for those seeking to scale back on consuming caffeine in higher quantities, such as in coffee. Our Morning Ritual Blend carefully combines bright lemongrass, grassy green tea, earthy green rooibos and zesty lemon verbena designed to wake up your senses as well as your mind.

Improving digestion

Tea can be filled with natural antioxidants that aid in digestion, so it makes for a lovely pairing with a morning snack or brunch. Tea can also be used to treat digestive problems such as nausea or an upset stomach. Unlike sugary drinks or smoothies, a cup of tea is light and simple, proving the perfect morning companion to reinvigorate you for the remainder of your day.

The Bottom Line

At Empress Teas, we feel that everyone should delight in each day. We want to help others find bliss through simple morning rituals and mindfulness practices. Beginning each morning by focusing on self-compassion creates an honest foundation for being kind to oneself and reinforces feelings of self-determination. Practicing morning wellness rituals such as breathing exercises or meditation reinforces positive habits and awakens the mind and body, preparing you for new experiences. 

And once a morning ritual is underway, pausing to enjoy a cup or tea alone or socializing with others while making a healthy kettle can be the perfect break to replenish your energy. 

Are you interested in experiencing the wonderful healing powers that Morning Ritual Blend tea has to offer? Our ritual blend teas are infused perfectly with the highest quality hemp-derived CBD, and each blend harmoniously incorporates organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients sourced from around the world to carefully curate the perfect cup of tea. 

At Empress Teas, we believe that you deserve the cleanest, most effective plant-based solutions to bring your body, mind, and spirit back into alignment. Treat yourself to the daily rituals you deserve: sit, sip, and self-reflect. 

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