Why Frequency Healing Boosts Your Morning Ritual

With frequency healing, there are many elements to discover and learn about that can benefit any morning ritual significantly to help you carry positive energy throughout your day. Frequency healing incorporates various unique sounds to improve your emotional and even your physical well-being.

A session of frequency healing may involve you sitting or lying down while listening to selected music or sounds from a speaker or instruments. You can even have healing vibrations applied using a special tool, such as a tuning fork. Depending on your method, frequency healing may encourage you to engage by singing, moving, or even using a musical instrument. 

Let's explore then, shall we?


  • An Overview of Frequency-based Therapy and Healing Sounds
  • Negativity: How Low-Frequency Sounds Affect Humans 
  • Balance: How Frequencies Regulate Our Experiences
  • What are Solfeggio Frequencies?
  • Ideal Solfeggio Frequencies for Morning Rituals
  • The Bottom Line

An Overview of Frequency-based Therapies and Healing Sounds

We are witnessing a rebirth of popularity of frequency healing in the form of sound baths and sound-based meditation. Thus there is a renewed scientific interest in exploring the objective basis for frequency healing treatments in a range of medical applications. 

Aside from its ability to heal the body physically, sound-based healing has shown an ability to induce positive psychological effects on the mind. For instance, studies have shown that after listening to woodland sounds for one minute, people felt 30% more relaxed, while stress and anxiety dropped. 

Forestry England researched in 2019 that there is strong scientific evidence that visiting a forest can improve mood and attention span and even reduce stress levels. Walking among trees reduced levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Activities such as a forest walk are thought to boost the immune system through the inhaling of phytoncides, which trees emit to protect themselves from germs and insects.

We have shown many natural sounds and frequencies created in our environments or distributed through high-quality recordings to have positive effects.

Can Sound Heal the Body?

The answer is that yes, sound has been used to heal the body in many applications. From shamanic drumming used to guide altered states of consciousness to hypersonic cancer treatments, sound has demonstrated repeatedly to have healing effects on the human body. In this regard, frequency healing is often thought of as a sister practice to Energy Healing, of which Reiki is an outstanding example.  

While there are many types of frequency healing, each one offers a wealth of benefits that can improve your performance at work, practices of self-compassion, and ability to incorporate mindfulness throughout your day. When beginning your exploration of frequency healing, try focusing on what you desire, what you want to get out of your experiences. This introspective approach will help you select between many frequencies and options. Through patient experiences and experimentation, you’ll be able to know deeply the form of frequency healing that works best for you.

The Effects of Low-Frequency Sounds on Humans

Not only are low-frequency sounds associated with human illness, but they’re also associated with frustration, sparse focus and attention spans, and memory issues.

It is thought by many people that some individuals operate at a higher frequency while others operate at a lower frequency, depending on personal stress levels or unregulated emotions that the individual releases in social interactions throughout their day. Said differently, this means that stressed or anxiety-ridden individuals can pass that lower frequency and negative energy on to anyone else they come across.

It is not surprising that many animals communicate dissatisfaction, fear, or anxiety with lower frequency communication modalities such as snarls, hisses, or growls. Low-frequency sounds are psychologically distressing to humans and they can cause widespread physical fatigue and heightened pressure on one’s eardrum as well. 

Further, ambient low-frequency sounds are known to cause increased mistakes in the workplace and contribute to a pervading experience of discomfort in humans. We can attribute the reason for this negative outlook to interference: low frequencies interfere with the natural frequencies produced by our bodies whenever we come across them. 

To paint a broader picture of the effects associated with low frequency sound exposure, here is a comprehensive list of negative symptoms that accompany it: 

  • Loss of sleep
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of concentration
  • Nausea

Balance: How Frequencies Regulate Our Experiences

If low-frequency sounds can induce negative responses in the body, high-frequency sounds can heal it, and science is discovering that this is the case. Now, centuries’ worth of holistic medicine is being discovered, tested, and validated through scientific studies and research endeavors. 

Often, a healthy body resonates with a natural frequency of 65 – 75M Hz. Even while we are standing in place, we exude electromagnetic energy or “noise” that has a frequency of its own. Thus, when exposed to higher frequencies, such as those common in frequency healing, the human body responds by healing itself. On the other side, as previously discussed, when our bodies are exposed to low-frequency noises, they can develop negative responses.

While our bodies are known to maintain balance around frequencies that reflect the normal frequency range of 65-75 Mhz, higher frequency exposure such as frequency healing can help contend with negative thought processes and reinvigorate neural circuits

Simple, peaceful sounds have a natural tendency to soothe away feelings of stress and anxiety. For many, frequency healing is more than just “background music” to calm you down: it can balance automatic functions of our nervous systems. 

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

In New Age schools of thought, we commonly refer to Solfeggio frequencies within a six-tone set of various musical tones that date back to ancient times. Most famously, the Solfeggio frequencies are famous for their prominent role in the harmonies of the Gregorian chants. When harmonized in a choir, the monks believed these sacred tones induced specific blessings on those who listened.

While Solfeggio frequencies were promoted through the monasteries of the Catholic church, beliefs in frequency healing were expressed even in further ancient time periods. For instance, in ancient Greece, we knew the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras to lead a cult that acknowledged the spiritual significance of the mathematical pattern reflected in Solfeggio frequencies.. 

Religious fervor over mathematical patterns would eventually translate over to Christian traditions in which they thought Solfeggio frequencies to have significance. In modern times, alternative medicine advocates who adopt frequency healing usually popularize a return to the Solfeggio scale, the idea being the frequencies could potentially change the way our minds react to how music is played. 

Ideal Solfeggio Frequencies for Morning Rituals 

You may be wondering, what exactly are these Solfeggio frequencies? Don’t worry - we have you covered! These are some of the most prominent Solfeggio frequencies and their popular associated properties, selected based on their potential to foster an uplifting morning ritual: 

  • 396 Hz: liberation from negative feelings - Music tuned to 396 Hz helps liberate subconscious fears, worries, and anxiety. This frequency is also said to help eliminate feelings of guilt and subconscious negative beliefs that block your path to achieving personal goals. Listening to music tuned to this frequency can be beneficial when you want to feel more uplifted, at peace, and inspired within your goals and dreams.
  • 417 Hz: transformation and fixing broken situations - Instead of a focus on physical ailments, frequency healing involving 417 Hz focuses on the removal of negative energy such as emotions associated with past trauma or interfering negative energies in your surrounding ambient environment. Typically, 417 Hz frequency healing is designed to quell emotional blockages and open your sacral chakra. 
  • 639 Hz: interpersonal relationships - The frequency of 639 Hz is thought to balance emotions and heighten your mood. This frequency also promotes open communication, love, newfound understanding, and harmony in relationships. Music therapy with 639 Hz is ideal when you need a boost of love and light or are managing conflicts in your relationships.
  • 741 Hz: solving problems and creative expression -Frequency healing with 741 Hz can help with problem-solving and self-expression. It also helps to ignite intuition and promote mindfulness and happiness to live simply. This frequency is perfect if you’re struggling with your daily rituals, expressing your creativity, or speaking your unique, personal truth.
  • 963 Hz: spiritual development - The 963 hertz frequency is known as both the “pure miracle tone” and the “frequency of the gods”. 963 is associated with the activation of the crown chakra and a connection to the source of all humanity. 

While it is difficult to find exposure to Solfeggio frequencies in popular music, these well-documented frequencies are often used in frequency and new age music to foster practices of self-compassion and ongoing spiritual development.

The Bottom Line

In the world of frequency healing, there are so many amazing aspects to discover and learn about that can help you rise for your morning ritual and generate positive energy for yourself and others throughout your day. As a deep and integrated practice, frequency healing incorporates various unique sounds to improve your emotional and even your physical well-being.

Regardless of whether you gravitate to healing crystals, ritual blend teas, meditation or creative applications of CBD, integrating your energy is an exciting and fulfilling journey. 

Achieving self-compassion involves a balanced approach to addressing our negative emotions so that our feelings are neither suppressed nor exaggerated. Mindfulness is a non-judgmental state of mind in which we observe experiences and emotions with open eyes and hearts. We should aim to allow for thoughts and feelings to be seen as they are and ensure that we are not governed by our negative experiences. 

At Empress Teas, we are here to help. We believe in the power of caring communities and the importance of listening to each other. Integrating frequency healing and finding a sense of purpose within ourselves are ways to regulate and cultivate a positive lifestyle every day. Treat yourself to the daily rituals you deserve: sit, sip, and self-reflect. 

We look forward to having you as a part of the Empress Teas community. 

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