What She Will Do For You + The Life You Desire

Written by: Francesca Heinz Marino

If you know me, you know I believe self care & morning rituals are just as important as physical nutrition. It’s the nutrition of the mind - and if your thoughts aren’t living in a positive flow then it will be hard for your body to follow, no matter the amount of kale + cucumbers you consume.

I started my morning off with Empress Tea’s morning ritual guide and was in a divine cosmic force all day long. The simple tools detailed in this guide are essential for a more productive and empowered life. From deep breathing exercises, creating intentions, love rituals, meditation, and goal setting; my favorite ritual of them all is when I get to brew up the Morning Ritual tea blend on my kettle. Just holding the warm mug and inviting the smell of the herbs steaming from the cup is so inspiring and invigorating to my brain + body.

I keep it simple yet delicious with hot water, lemon, and honey. While the green tea works to fire neurons and get my brain going, the subtle CBD kisses any anxiety away - and as a result I show up as my highest-self: she is mindful, empowered, and fierce - with goals and dreams so clear they already feel real. Her one mission is to stand stong: to leave this earth and the people who inhabit it, better than she found it.

Who is your Highest-Self and how to find her?

Your highest-self is your best self

YOU living your authentic truth.

YOUR purpose to love.

Everyday I face the choice to show up as her, or not. Some days are easier than others but these rituals make it more achievable on a daily basis. I’ve gotten to the point in life where I’ve even named my highest-self and lower-self. My highest-self is Sasha Fierce & lower-self’s is Lazy Susan. If I’m ever in a space where Lazy Susan is present and I can’t seem to thrust myself off the couch to start taking action on my goals, to-do’s, and dreams for the day, I call upon Sasha Fierce to come through to me. I will do a quick breathwork, gratitude list, or stretching to invite her in. She comes through these rituals, and at last your inner empress has been unleashed.

5 Minute Journal prompt:

  1. What's your highest-self’s name?
  2. What does she embody?
  3. What’s your lower-self’s name?
  4. What characteristics do they display?
  5. What can you do more to practice the essence of your higher self? How can you drop the habits of your lower-self?

If you haven't already, download the Morning Ritual Guide here & enjoy some new tea so you can experience first hand what I’m talking about. Together we rise.

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