Full Wolf Moon in Leo

As the Leo full moon graces the sky today, take some time to release, reflect, and reconnect with yourself and your goals. Known for illuminating creative, courageous and expansive energies, this full moon in Leo is a powerful opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve you and harness healing energy from the full moon.

If you're new to moon rituals or fear it may be too "woo woo", remember that our ancestors planted, hunted, fished and lived based on the lunar cycle. Humans have been honoring the lunar cycle for thousands of years so allow yourself to embrace it, release any judgment you may have and remember to stay true to you.

Full moon rituals are meant to be a time of celebration, reflection, and contemplation. There are many different ways to honor this full moon and work with the cosmic energy to prioritize your goals and focus on the bigger picture. So light your favorite candle, grab your journal, turn your attention inward and get ready to zen out.


    • Take out a piece of paper and write five things you're ready to release. Place it under your sitz bones as you meditate or use a flame to ceremonially and safely burn the piece of paper.
    • Gather your favorite crystals or natural artifacts such as orange calcite, seashells, quartz, citrine or sunstone.
    • Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, incense or diffused oils to burn and reset the energy.
    • Pull from decks like tarot, goddess cards or angel cards.
    • Make moon water by filling a mason jar with fresh, filtered water and place it under the full moon for 12 hours. After charging, use the moon water for rituals, hydration or skincare.
    • Journal, do a brain dump and write down your intentions for the upcoming month. Focus on your personal, professional and romantic life.
    • Move your body. Turn the music all the way up and have a dance party, do some yoga, go for a walk or try a new workout.
    • Meditate and tap into the luminous lunar by doing a guided visualization and breathwork under the full moon.
    • Take a moon bath. Immerse yourself in water using a bath, ocean or lake if the weather permits. Fully submerge your body and allow yourself to bask in the weightlessness.


- What are some ways I can tap into my strength?
- How can I use my expertise for the greater good?
- What are some financial achievements I'd like to celebrate?
- What would I like to accomplish in this next month?
- What's one thing holding me back lately?
- How has my partner, colleague or friend contributed to my success?
- What part of my day brings me the most joy?
- What was the last thing that truly made me laugh wholeheartedly?

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