How to harness energy from the lunar cycle

Steep a cup of our
Evening Ritual Blend


Some of our favorite ways to get started

Focus on a mantra

We love to start with something simple like, 'I am grounded', 'I am releasing all judgements', 'I surrender all fears and doubts' or 'I am free from my past'. 

Smudge your space

Light a candle or use ethically sourced palo santo, white sage or any other cleaning incense that's calling you. As the smoke rises, focus on cleansing the energy.

Move your body

Practice yoga, embrace dancing or do some stretching. Release any judgements and allow yourself to flow freely (extra points if you do it under the moonlight).


Hold your favorite crystal as you set your intention 


Smudge your space with sage, palo santo or incense

Full and New Moon Rituals

  • Slowly sip your tea as you connect with yourself
  • Listen to music, chant your mantra or affirmations
  • Create a vision board with manifestations
  • Move your body through yoga or dance
  • Immerse yourself in water in a bath, ocean or pool
  • Practice breathwork and breathing exercises
  • Move your body through yoga or dance
  • Pull tarot or oracle cards
  • Meditate and hold your favorite crystal
  • Connect with a mentor, friend or coach
  • List 3 things to manifest and 3 things to release
  • Spend time in nature through walks or gardening
  • Journal freely and write stream of consciousness

Journal Prompts

What is my biggest challenge in my life right now?

What is my biggest opportunity for growth in this life?

How can I alchemize my challenges into positivity?

What can I release and let go of?